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Colin Furze Stuff
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Upside down Garden Swing
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tableshaper Pred 7 urami
The more SLus and corporate take over the shittier this cannel becomes.
rkmugen Pred 7 urami
Now.... try loading it up with several cobs of corn!
Ира Салибаева
Ира Салибаева Pred 7 urami
tableshaper Pred 7 urami
I fear misogynist Colin will be replaced with a much superior and empowered black woman.
rkmugen Pred 7 urami
11:06 One does not simply contain that level of enthusiasm and excitement without going mad.
Matt Burnham
Matt Burnham Pred 8 urami
colin discovers hotboxing 7:04
Reed’s Vids’
Reed’s Vids’ Pred 8 urami
No one: The brick that hit the caravan: OH HELLO THERE.
waves Pred 8 urami
this idea would be way better in moto boots for leg support
3D Prints AndStuff
3D Prints AndStuff Pred 8 urami
Probably not a good idea to put pressurized gas tanks right next to a super heated pulse jet engine.
Roberto Noriega
Roberto Noriega Pred 9 urami
Good Evening Mr. Furze, I'm here to talk to you about the Avengers Initiative, You interested?
max mustermann
max mustermann Pred 9 urami
So we will Just ignore the fact je droppped the Toilett Paper in the Ground???
TheLollercaster Pred 9 urami
Jay-DJ- 06
Jay-DJ- 06 Pred 9 urami
Wonder if this is still at that beach
TheLollercaster Pred 10 urami
looks kinda dangerous ..to the user when it flips back :( video title: administrator goes bananas and planning to assassinate his boss (too formal clothes with badass prosthetic) :D
Caleb Kerns
Caleb Kerns Pred 10 urami
I never can tell if he is talking about weight or price.
legoRCtanker Pred 11 urami
Next video: turning pickup trucks into katyusha rocket launcher trucks
Zayne Yeetboi
Zayne Yeetboi Pred 11 urami
Would you build me one and mail it to me for 5 grand
Toxinityツ Pred 11 urami
The1trueDave Pred 11 urami
This is exactly how Marc and Isambard Brunel sunk the shaft for the Rotherhithe tunnel in the early 1800s I think - the trick is to make the box a lot heavier, eg steel or concrete, and with a sharp leading edge so it sinks down through the earth as you remove the fill. Then you just add successive levels as you go. To be fair it works better at larger scales as the friction is less significant compared to the weight. It's a sound enough idea as long as you build the sides strong enough not to cave in!
krnekipac1 Pred 11 urami
Frankie S
Frankie S Pred 12 urami
Colin you Make the craziest projects could you make spider mans web slingers
Robert Haney
Robert Haney Pred 12 urami
I love how short and to the point this is , any other youtuber would of made this a 20 minute video
simpleScript B - Hood
simpleScript B - Hood Pred 12 urami
You are the best man! With such a nice vibe and beautiful videos! Love so much! Keep up the good work! 💪🏻🙏🏻
krnekipac1 Pred 12 urami
fmobus Pred 12 urami
I honestly half expected you to build an actually solid shed, as in, entirely filled with material inside
tehbonehead Pred 12 urami
I'm going to have to demand to know why you didn't make the mechanism can-driven and use multiple rotating barrels.....
ExposeTT Pred 12 urami
bubbles would love this shed
Francisco Jesus Carrillo benisa
Francisco Jesus Carrillo benisa Pred 13 urami
Que belleza
Enter Name
Enter Name Pred 13 urami
2:48 "and in that moment i swear we we're infinite"
cellophanezebra Pred 13 urami
Anyone notice you can see blood next to his elbow?, that shit must hurt
Jesus Pred 13 urami
How fast are we going? Whaaa? I SAID HOW FAST ARE WE GOING? WHAAAAA?
Michael McKinnon
Michael McKinnon Pred 13 urami
Actually they used vaseline on the camera to fudge out the wheels.
a piece of bread
a piece of bread Pred 13 urami
Michael McKinnon
Michael McKinnon Pred 13 urami
Considering the original used a truck chassis, it should be interesting.
Chris Marshall
Chris Marshall Pred 14 urami
Why do the wheels change but the car is awesome
Work Phone4
Work Phone4 Pred 14 urami
tell it like it is
tell it like it is Pred 14 urami
Don’t know why but for me it niggles me that the door opens on what I’d say is the wrong side unless he’s left handed ?
Taz is me
Taz is me Pred 14 urami
Cool build but omg tone it down a bit my guy, you can be energetic but wow that screaming gets old, and also the rock music, good god.
Антон Фролов
Антон Фролов Pred 15 urami
Колен норм инженер
mickyjb2003 Brassington
mickyjb2003 Brassington Pred 15 urami
How did you fit the electrics.
mickyjb2003 Brassington
mickyjb2003 Brassington Pred 15 urami
Just incredible, never thought you get away with building that sort of man cave. Brilliant am impressed.
Enter Name
Enter Name Pred 15 urami
half of this was english the other was just moans
George Austers
George Austers Pred 15 urami
Now you know what it was like during the Great Escape
vale 1123
vale 1123 Pred 15 urami
Llevare 10
Film Making
Film Making Pred 15 urami
He should join Hacksmith industries
Film Making
Film Making Pred 15 urami
next time make it with bullet proof metal than you can take down people who threaten you with guns
• SGAY Pred 16 urami
His kids must be so lucky they could ask for a spaceship and He would probably make one
K1ngExcellenT Pred 16 urami
Gordon ramsey
English_ Crumpet1st
English_ Crumpet1st Pred 16 urami
i can see the blood under your arm colin 6:20
YTamus Pred 16 urami
But the brakes and back wheel are gonna turn to dust when he wants to slow down Does the steering work aswell?
Gacheru Mburu
Gacheru Mburu Pred 17 urami
Nathan Dutton
Nathan Dutton Pred 17 urami
"We don't use complex tools" (Pulls out an angle grinder)
Toxinator Pred 15 urami
you could use a hacksaw
Jamesthebond 007
Jamesthebond 007 Pred 17 urami
Hey Colin do you know if you can use gokart rear wheels on a motorised drift trike or can you only use front gokart wheels?
Dr. Hannibal Lester
Dr. Hannibal Lester Pred 17 urami
Just wasted more than 7 minutes of my life on this boredom? Thanks!
gezzus crust
gezzus crust Pred 17 urami
When the stig gets pelted with biscuits is gold LOL
Ad Tausent
Ad Tausent Pred 17 urami
Even you put your clothes on a line it is faster 🤔
Josh Bruns
Josh Bruns Pred 17 urami
In my neighborhood we r not even aloud to have a dog house or a trampoline so I’m guess ur neighborhood association just doesn’t care at all
VargVikernes4Pres Pred 17 urami
The latest in riot control equipment
ricardo rodriguez
ricardo rodriguez Pred 17 urami
Tienes el dinero por castigo
Luciano Guerra
Luciano Guerra Pred 18 urami
It nice. Which I had it. Being homeless an carrying everything in a shopping cart but I was thinking more of a quad bike except that I would need a license for that. Scooter needs work
bones987123 Pred 18 urami
how many times has your parents said" whats wrong with you! " lol
Maa Zack
Maa Zack Pred 18 urami
pretty cool awesome
Rock girl
Rock girl Pred 18 urami
Craig to ride this beauty!
MF Pred 18 urami
Can you please make a go kart of a trolley
Mar Grimey
Mar Grimey Pred 19 urami
Rip the grass 😔
immune18 Pred 19 urami
iam so fucking nervous watching this, if that sands collapses in at any time he is 100% dead.
Ika Pred 19 urami
Why didn't you just get a paper shredder from the store
Focused Pred 19 urami
shame it was only in 1st gear
Repugnant Pred 19 urami
So that’s where you grow your bud
Chris Cass
Chris Cass Pred 19 urami
Love all your videos Colin, I also love RWilly, an action sports star in Australia. He could do with a little ski lift kind of thing for getting his bikes back up the hill he uses for his jumps. Your the man for the job Colin, you should contact him 👍
NGNATE 1 Pred 20 urami
So you didn’t have any real friends to prank with it? Lol
Rusty the Crown
Rusty the Crown Pred 20 urami
nearly 700 agents of Spectre disliked this video.
cctv cilik mini
cctv cilik mini Pred 20 urami
Akan ku coba
Hannah Miedema
Hannah Miedema Pred 21 uro
I’ve always wondered what he spends his money on, 10% on the projects he dose and 90% on new cameras for every angle
Big Bo
Big Bo Pred 22 urami
Like he said "built in a shed on the side of their house", I'd like to see/know how/where he stores this stuff afterwards. Like where's the hulk buster? Where's the screwtank go? Etc
cheron perry
cheron perry Pred 22 urami
That's not funny you are so stupid
6lr6ak6 Pred 22 urami
Excellent job, what would be the total cost? Must be a good few thousand
Ville Kyytsönen
Ville Kyytsönen Pred 22 urami
You clearly need to upgrade the stereo on in. Meanwhile I can take that lovely original BMW Business CD RDS from you.
Strictly Anything
Strictly Anything Pred 23 urami